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Daikanyama Branch and the customer’s voices

After the body gives a cry of pain, it all seems to rush in, but it’s refreshing. Around the shoulder blades and waste it’s easy for stiffness to build up, This time as well my muscle aches were eased, and they helped dispose of my waste, I feel completely satisfied. It was exactly like a touch from God. It cost a lot of sweat and body weight so the effect of the detox was quite high, and with that I feel completely refreshed. I also love that they offer tea before and after the treatment.

I really felt like my body was in pain and I was doing everything without even a pause, but they carefully eased my pain so it became easier and last time I slept like a baby. The point where I felt this salon was so great wasn’t just the comfortability of the institution but no matter who you request, they also do a great job. Although they talk to you during the treatment, they don’t deviate from their work. If I compare to other salon’s they are apply more pressure but there was no bruising or pain from excess massaging. The result of recovering from exhaustion was tremendous and they removed some of the swelling around my hips so I felt a bit better.

As a birthday present for my boyfriend, I requested a pair room where we can get treatment at the same time. Both of us had serious shoulder stiffness and so after conveying that, they gave us a concentrated massage. The room was wonderful, from beginning to end we were able to relax in a relaxing environment. It was perfect for such a special day. We both would like to come back.

I can recommend it based on the fact that you can get great treatment in such a luxurious area. After the massage I got on a heat mat and felt that the results of the detox and my body slimming were fantastic.

They relaxed my body all over and I felt refreshed from all the perspiration. The spacious private room equipped with a shower was quite luxurious. The reception and treatment were orderly, and constantly provided me with satisfaction so I am grateful. Because of the high level of massage technique with applying strong pressure, I was quite satisfied. I could feel the heartfelt consideration so I will definitely be back. Thank as you as always.

The price is on the higher side but I was very satisfied with the facilities, service, along with the technique. With the stronger pressure they allowed my lymph nodes to flow better, and I was surprised to see how much my neckline stood out. I would love to use their services again in the future.

Receiving a deep powerful massage is the number one benefit. My blood circulation after the massage greatly improved. The face massage as well helped me realize the stiff parts of my face I wasn’t aware of.

The atmosphere of the treatment room, the strength of the massage, as well as the techniques used were to my personal liking. The stiffness in my neck and shoulders was quite bad but they relieved it and I felt so refreshed afterwards. I became a salon where I wanted to go periodically to improve my body’s constitution. Thank you so much.

No matter which therapist is in charge I had 0 problems. I always have so much desk work so my body feels worn out but they were able to carefully relieve it. The therapist in charge of me this time as well had a high level of skill and took great care of me. My body was healed.

The salon had a great atmosphere, and with the room being so big, the shower room, and all the wonderful amenities, it felt as if I were staying at a hotel. They were vigorous in getting my lymph to drain and trimming my waist line. I’d like to call on them again.

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