“I hate exercise, I have failed several attempts at dieting, I am weak willed and can’t maintain a diet for a long time”;
Pros thoroughly analyze these kinds of troubles women have with their bodies.
They calculate the method of approach and how to reach your ideal body type through smooth counseling.
The 6 week treatment at the salon while being provided with everyday meals with home care advice,
will show you the way to your ideal body shape. Of course with this plan you will lose weight,
and reach a new found beauty in both mind and body.

6 Week Panel Diet Program

・Salon treatment (120min)
・Home care kit (with guide book)
・Not the goal for your diet but an individual meal guidance
home kit that corrects your lifestyle into being healthier.

Counseling for just counseling (physical analyst)

Based on the counseling sheet from things like lifestyle habits, diet records, eating lifestyle,
we analyze the cause of your current body shape and the reason for gaining weight.
Also through your therapist, depending on the palpation,
will analyze variations conditions such as how the fat or muscle sticks, firmness, coolness, and
swelling, separate them into 6 types, and devise a method to approach these issues.

Original Massage Method
・Stimulation (ease the muscles and fat that has stiffened)
・Release (remove blockage)
・Drainage and Toning (draining fluids and tightening the body)


With INDIBA we warm up the interior of the body,
and hand massage the body using our original hand cream that
mixes the maximum combination of passion fruit extract,
a ground-breaking beauty component that provides care to the lymph glands.
The hand massage is a luxurious body treatment that tightens the body with a
bandage that contains herbal essence and increases rejuvenation.

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